[ROM][G92xF/I/T 5.1.1] XtreStoLite Deo-Mod Edition 2.1 [ S6 & S6 Edge ] {SUPERLIGHT}
[CWM] recovery ClockWorkMod v6.0.5.1 {Ancora}
[KERNEL][TMO][TW5.0] KT-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – OE3 – KTweaker
[ROM]G925FXXU1AOE3-V3.0-S6-G920F Full Deodex {S6 edge}
[ROM]CyanogenMod 12.1{ANCORA}
[ROM]CyanogenMod 11.0[ANCORA]


features of rom :
-EXTREMELY Debloated
-Memory leak fix
-Smart Manager
-Rooted + Busybox
-Based on OE2 Firmware

















Extreme Syndicate v3 ODEX Changelog:
– Removed native tether MOD (you can easily flash a zip to get this back) – Added Music Player feed, Quick Launch feed etc. (enable in Information Stream area of the Edge Settings)…
– Fixed 4G LTE not working- Removed S Browser/Fingerprint MOD (you also easily add this back, I figure not everyone will want to use it)
– Removed more bloat (S Health and everything else removed, it is getting closer to my Extreme style! Everything can manually be added back)

[ROM][G92xF/I/T 5.1.1] XtreStoLite Deo-Mod Edition 2.1 [ S6 & S6 Edge ] {SUPERLIGHT}

G92xF/I/T Galaxy S6 Universal Deodexed Mod edition ROM Details:

– One ROM for 6 different S6 models: Normal S6 / S6 Edge F/I/T

– Based on the latest Samsung Stock G925I DVU2COF8 Lollipop 5.1.1 firmware (Base build date: 25-JUL-2015)

– Deodexed Mod Edition: Deodexed & Mods!
The Mods that are included with this versions are :

★ Optionals: Remove ongoing keyboard switcher notification
★ Optionals: 3Minit battery MOD
★ Optionals: Center Clock
★ Optionals: Modded for Samsung Camera app to run even on low battery.
★ Optionals: Modded for Samsung Messages app (to disable SMS -> MMS auto conversion.
★ Optionals: can Disable Scrolling cache (smoother scrolling when content is for the 1st time on your screen, but a bit less smoother after the first time)
★ 5-Way to Reboot Menu
★ Removed High volume warning messagess
★ Removed Increasing Ringtones
★ All 3 animation speeds at 0.5 at default
★ Disabled Mobile Data toggle warning at default
★ Fixed ColorFade Memory leak

– Unique: Automatic model recognition by the installation script, so that it automatically flashes the correct fixes for your model (+ you will have the correct model number under Settings -> About device)

– Integrated Fix for the T/W8 models to fix in-call audio

– Integrated Fix for the ‘No deep-sleep’ bug!
(thanks to homersp and hainfire)

– All the standard features of Stock Android will work, so it’s nearly even light as an AOSP ROM but then with the TouchWiz launcher, SystemUI & some Samsung apps

– ROM still includes the original Samsung Keyboard, Gallery, Camera, Dialer, Messages, Music, Alarm & Calculator apps

– Deleted more than 1.5 Gb from the ROM (waw superlight)

– Native init.d script support (even with the original Stock kernels!!)

– Latest SuperSu and BusyBox binary’s integrated

– Sqlite3 binary and optimization script

– KNOX fully removed

– 100% Clean and correct installation script (hand-made by me)

– Native Call Recording

– At every boot the FsTrim command will be excecuted, to keep your Phone smooth and the internal memory fast!

– Updated Google Play Services, Play Store & Webview to the latest version that’s available

– ‘Allow 3rd-party app install’ enabled at default

– Working Private Mode (available as an add-on in post #2)

– Optional removal of the S-Finder & Quick-Connect buttons from the SystemUI (see Aroma add-on package in post #2)

– (Optional) CSC tweaks, like:
★ Disabled Auto-correction for the Samsung Keyboard at default
★ Filming with the Samsung camera app no longer pauses Music (if you’re playing music)
★ Messaging time stamps to it’s original time
★ Enable Call Button in call log list
★ Call/Message blocking Settings entry
★ Message 999 recipient limit
★ Exit button in the Samsung internet Browser
★ Vibrate on call answering
★ Add secondary symbols to the Samsung Keyboard
★ Native Call recording
★ Camera shutter sound button in the Samsung Camera app
★ Enable All Quick Toggles in the notification panel (will show up after 2nd reboot after an clean install)
★ Enable camera during call
★ TouchWiz Launcher is sorted Alphabetically at default

– A few (optional) build.prop tweaks, like: More Dialer options (Call alert), Fewer WiFi scans, Faster Boot animation speeds, Disabled call ring and Proximity delay

First boot up (after doing an clean flash) can take up an long time (3-5 minutes), this is because this ROM is deodexed!

Settings -> Wallpaper FC’s!? That’s normal… because you have to flash the Samsung Wallpaper picker add-on with the XtreStoLite Aroma Add-on Package for this (see post #2) (This Package will be available SOON!)

If you’re experiencing ANY issue, then first make sure that you’re on the latest bootloader/firmware (see post #4 for latest one for your model), and that you’ve done an clean install (data/factory reset before installing the ROM).

All the Google Play Store apps are NOT included in the ROM (or Aroma add-on package), you can download those by yourself in the Play Store

How-to Install:

Root & Install custom recovery: (Only needed if you haven’t done this yet)
– Flash CF-Root for your model with Odin
– Make sure you have an custom recovery installed (I advise you to use TWRP) ( or newer REQUIRED for v.2.1 > of this ROM!!)
(This trips your KNOX warranty counter!)

Install the ROM
– Make sure you’re on an recent Bootloader & Firmware (Android 5.1.1 Bootloader REQUIRED for v.2.1 and higher!!)
– Copy the ROM zip file to your internal of your Phone
– Do a Data/Factory reset first in your recovery
– Start the installation
– Reboot
– Enjoy the Rom!


[KERNEL][TMO][TW5.0] KT-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – OE3 – KTweaker

you can expect to get benchmark wise with a good CPU OC’d

Download Here

ChangeLog1. Add some more protection on hotplugging for phones that are not fully shutting down screen and still register touch while screen is off, causing reboots.
2. Making unified version now, so pay attention that the file name is now changed. There is still seperate version for the S6 and S6 Edge, and also Sprint needs a special due to radical differences from the GSM versions.
3. KTweaker: Added new 3 options prompt when restoring a profile. Instead of a yes/no question to apply, it now gives you the 3 options of: “Apply restored profile with its voltage”, “Apply restored profile with my voltage”, “Do not apply it”

[ROM]G925FXXU1AOE3-V3.0-S6-G920F Full Deodex {S6 edge}

Download ROM Information:
– Base on S6 Edge G925FXXU1AODG
– Rooted / Deodexed / Zipaligned / Busybox / Deknoxed
– Multiple Languages
–Multi CSC Select Aroma installed

ROM Features:
-Remove Safe Volume Warning
-Removed Samsung Apps
-Enabled Call button on Contacts list
-Enabled Call/message Block
-Camera with shutter sound on/off option
-Enabled Exit button to Stock Internet Browser
-Enable Call recording
-5 Way Extended Power Menu
-Memory leak fix
-Remover Sfinder and QuickConnect in Notification
-Center Clock Hide button in Status bar
-Enabled Multi User Switch
-Multi CSC Select Aroma installed
-TouchWiz5×5 Multidpi touchwiz , max 6 icons in dock
+Launcher with Pull left (You can choose the app to launch when swiped left from home screen)
+Enable Launcher settings
-Removed High volume warning message
-Enable All Quick Toggles in the notification panel
-Update 3MinitBatterySettings v3.0 ( changer new icon battery )
-Add VN™ROM Custom Settings:
+ Mod Custom Carrier LockScreen
+ Add Network Speed
+ Clock Settings
+ Enable Home + Lock Button in StatutBar

-StatusBar Mod Select Aroma installed
+ Stock SFinder qconnect
+ Stock Remover SFinder qconnect
+ Left signal SFinder qconnect
+ Left signal Remover SFinder qconnect

-Reboot to Recovery: Power + Home + Volume Up.
– Install VN_ROM from sd card
– Reboot
– Enjoy


1. Turn off your phone
2. Download this Update.Zip-file copy this into the internal SD card.
3.then lets see the picture below

As soon as you see the Android with the box, release the Home- and Volume Up-button.

Navigate it with the volume (+) and (-) to apply files update.zip in Recovery Menu. To confirm your selection use the home-button.
Choose (with volume buttons) the update.zip file on your internal sd card and confirm again with Home-button. You will gonna  wait 5 seconds.
then choose reboot system now and confirm with home button.
you device should be rooted.

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